BS7858 Security Vetting

FSA/FCA Vetting

PCi Compliance


Facilities & Cleaning

Consultancy, Digital, IT

Our Services

  • Candidate Verification

    Our verification services directly access and utilise data from some of the world’s most comprehensive databases, including Equifax and the US and UK Treasury Sanction Files.

    • Credit Checks
    • CCJ and Bankruptcies
    • Identity and Address
    • PEP and Sanctions Files
    • HM Treasury and OFAC
    • Fraud checks
    • CRB Route 2
    • Right to Work (Coming Soon)
    • PCi Compliance
    • Qualifications
    • Temp Worker
  • Candidate Screening

    Our vetting services take the verification checks further and include full referencing, documentation checks, N.I. File verification and meticulous history management, suitable for both regulated and non-regulated industry sectors.

    • BS7858 2012 5 and 10 Year
    • FSA/FCA 2 5 7 Years
    • BPSS
    • PCI Compliance
    • Employment
    • Education
    • Professional Memberships
    • Self Employment
    • GAP Management
    • Character Referees
    • Bespoke
  • Further Services

    To complement our core services, we also offer the below services, which can assist with full file auditing during or after contract takeovers.

    • Criminal Records
    • Auditing of files
    • Driver Entitlement
    • SIA Licence Checks
    • Directorships
    • Business Credit Checks
  • Areas of expertise

    Below are some of our key areas of expertise.

    • BS7858 Vetting
    • FSA/FCA Vetting
    • File Auditing
    • Business Licensing
    • Historical Backlogs
    • GAP Management
    • Candidate Liaison
    • 100% Compliant vetting files

Our Sectors

  • Security

    Check Your Staff assists over 400 UK security companies, ensuring that they are fully compliant with BS7858: 2012. We can also assist with SIA licensing, Right to Work checks (coming soon), and the auditing of files to any of the BS7858 standards, during or after a contract change or takeover.

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  • PCi Compliance

    PCi compliance is applicable to all companies that take customer card payments, either online or over the phone. Our quick and cost effective solution will allow your business to be fully compliant with the payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

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  • FSA/FCA Vetting

    We can help your business meet its FCA/FRA vetting requirements, covering both non-regulated and regulated positions, from a simple one-off credit check right through to full vetting. If required, you can add any of our other services, such as a Right to Work (coming soon) or CRB check.

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  • Recruitment

    With tight timescales and margins you will need a quick and cost effective solution. We can offer speedy credit checks, and our CYS-Verify-Temp service covers credit worthiness, Right to Work, and criminal records.

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  • Facilities & Cleaning

    With a number of employees entering and leaving your client’s property, you need to be 100% sure of their suitability for the job at hand. We can help, with a simple ID check, right through to any client specific vetting requirements, such as BS7858, FSA, and BPSS. If required, you can add any of our other services, including a Right to Work (coming soon) or CRB check.

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  • Business Consultancy Providers

    You may provide Media, Digital, IT, Software or other solutions to your clients. More and more of these clients now require you to ensure your guys are checked to the same standards as their own employees. We can help you comply with these requirements, from a simple one-off credit check right through to full BS7858, FSA and BPSS vetting. You can add any of our services to this such as a right to work check if required.

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