Candidate Verification

Our verification services directly access and utilise data from some of the most comprehensive UK and Worldwide databases, including:

  1. Equifax PLC
  2. US & UK Treasury Sanctions Files.
  3. Disclosure Scotland
  4. DVLA
  5. Royal Mail
  6. Public Registry Trust

These services provide a quick and cost effective way to check IDs, addresses, and CCJs.

  • CYS-Verify-CR

    Credit Check including CCJ and Bankruptcies warnings suitable for BS7858 and FCA/FSA requirements.

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  • CYS-Verify-ID

    A Cost effective ID and Address check including Electoral Roll and DOB Confirmation.

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  • CYS-Verify-ID+

    When you need a fraud and sanctions check as well as ID, Address confirmation.

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  • CYS-Verify-Combi

    A combination of our Credit and ID checks. A more cost effective option than carrying them out as single checks.

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  • CYS-Verify-Maxi

    One of the most in depth verification check on the market including Financial Records held

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  • CYS-Verify-CRB2

    A quick and effective Enhanced CRB Route 2 check. Fully complies with HMG Guidance.

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  • CYS-Verify-R2W (Coming Soon)

    Full UK right to work check against the renowned Keesing Database.

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  • CYS-Verify-PCi

    Our ID, Address and Credit worthiness check + Basic CRB to comply with PCi requirements.

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  • CYS-Verify-Temp

    Our Recruitment specific verification check .

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  • CYS-Verify-Quals

    Cost effective confirmation of a candidates Education qualifications.

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