At Check Your Staff we assist our clients in making the right recruitment decisions first time, every time. We work on behalf of businesses in both the regulated and non-regulated sectors, helping them to meet their regulatory requirements and to recruit the right people for their business.

Every business should ensure that it minimises its risk of employee fraud by having a robust and appropriate employee vetting process in place.

Below are some of the many sectors we work on behalf of. Why not give us a call and let us help you Check Your Staff ?

  • Security Industry

    Check Your Staff assists over 400 UK security companies, ensuring that they are fully compliant with BS7858: 2012.

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  • FCA/PRA Formerly FSA Industry

    The FCA/PRA sector is under significant pressure from both the media and the public to ensure that its employees are fit for purpose.

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  • PCi Compliance

    PCi compliance is applicable to all companies that take customer card payments online or over the phone.

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  • Recruitment

    With tight timescales and margins you will need a quick and cost effective solution.

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  • Facilities & Cleaning

    With a number of employees entering and leaving your client’s property, you need to be 100% sure of their suitability for the job at hand.

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  • Business Consultancy Providers

    You may provide media, IT, software, or other solutions to your clients.

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  • Retail High Street and Online

    Theft and wastage are two of the fastest growing and biggest costs for UK retailers.

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  • Secure Shredding / Asset Destruction

    Companies operating in the secure shredding and asset destruction sectors need to demonstrate integrity when dealing with customer’s personal data and information.

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