At Check Your Staff, we help our clients make the right recruitment decisions, first time, every time. We work on behalf of businesses in both the regulated and non-regulated sectors, making sure they meet the requisite regulatory requirements and recruit the right people for the job at hand.

Making the wrong decision can be extremely costly with the risk of employee fraud and re-recruitment costs.

Our team is one of the most experienced in the industry, and we specialise in vetting both new starters and historical or existing employees.

Our clients include:

  1. Top 10 UK Security Business and numerous ACS Security companies
  2. Industry Leading Security shredding businesses.
  3. Household names in both High Street and online retail
  4. Government contracts with NHS, Councils and Universities
  5. High volume Facilities, Utilities and Cleaning contractors
  6. FCA Investment and Insurance Companies

Why use Check Your Staff

  1. Highly experienced graduate level team
  2. 100% compliant files
  3. Over 500 clients
  4. Cost effective solutions
  5. Fully UK based operation

How we Check Your Staff

When we say we Check Your Staff, we do. Unlike some outsourced suppliers, we do the work for you.

We accept applications via email, fax, post, and our online PDC service.

As a client you will always have a designated contact who will be available to update you on your candidate’s progress.

We do not employ call centre operations and see ourselves as an extension of your own HR/Operations Team.

When we require further information regarding a candidate, we always make sure that we communicate this fact politely with the candidate themselves, removing any burden from your own teams.

If a candidate cannot complete their vetting to the required standard we let you know in good time so you can re-recruit for the position if required.

On completion of vetting all files are returned via email as secure PDF’s to our agreed contact/s within the business.

Can you afford not to Check Your Staff?

Please contact one of the team on 01924 493353 or email enquiries@checkyourstaff.co.uk